Checkmat Vista BJJ


Ricardo “Pantcho” Feliciano

Pantcho is a third degree Black Belt under Checkmat founder Leo Vieira, and is a twenty-plus year practitioner of BJJ. Pantcho was instrumental in the establishment of the Checkmat team, as well as its expansion from Brazil to the United States in 2008. Pantcho later teamed up with MMA legend Dan Henderson, first as an assistant coach under Henderson on the Ultimate FIghter: United States vs. United Kingdom season, and then as his head BJJ/grappling coach at Team Quest MMA. Pantcho established and developed the BJJ program as a Checkmat affiliate under the Team Quest roof, providing instruction to every type of practitioner, from kids, to recreational/fitness oriented adults, to professional MMA fighters competing at the highest levels. Pantcho holds several major competition titles including IBJJF American National Champion and No-Gi Pan American Champion.

Jessica Eve Richer

Jessica is a Checkmat Brown Belt under head instructor Ricardo “Pantcho” Feliciano. She has been training and competing in BJJ since 2008, and has earned titles through the belt ranks including the IBJJF World Championships and Pan American Championships. As Jessica continues towards her goal of winning the World Championships as a black belt, she enjoys perfecting her craft and giving back to the sport by instructing others and spreading the art. Jessica also competes professionally in mixed martial arts, and as an amateur powerlifter.